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Saudi Arabia: Women's Attendance Snatched Limelight in "Luxury Cars" Exhibition
50 Vehicles Worth $10.6 Million

It is not normal to see a woman sitting behind the wheel in Saudi Arabia, as was in the luxury car exhibition in Jeddah, an event that snatched the limelight and reflected a strong female presence.

The Saudi market is witnessing a continuous boom in the car market, where this year’s sales increased more than 27% compared to last year with the presence of women in the purchase decision of luxury cars seemingly being strong.

The number of luxury cars in Saudi Arabia is estimated about 15,000, valued at more than 4 billion riyals ($1.06 billion) with an annual growth rate of 15%, while the size of the car market in Saudi Arabia exceeds 22 billion riyals ($5.86 billion).

In this year’s luxury cars exhibition in Jeddah there were more than 50 cars valued at more than 40 million riyals ($10.6 million).

al-Sharq al-Awsat, London, February 5, 2008

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