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Turkey: Completion of Cizre Dam Tender Will Earn Treasury $3.2 Billion

A Turkish government tender for the construction of Cizre Dam and a hydroelectric power plant on the Tigris River has been completed with construction to start in June and will take an estimated three-and-a-half years to finish.

The power plant's annual capacity will be 1.2 billion kilowatt hours and the electricity generated will be sold to the private sector.

After completion of the project, the Turkish Treasury will earn a "production fee" of $67 million [a year], for a total of $3.2 billion over 49 years of operation.

With the dam's location on the Turkish-Iraqi border, electricity exports are also envisioned. The Cizre Dam will provide irrigation for 121,000 hectares [about 299,000 acres] of farmland in the southeastern districts of the country. (1 hectare = 2.4710 acres)

Today’s Zaman, Turkey, January 25, 2008

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