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One Million Iraqis Need Food Aid

The International Food Program reports that, despite some improvements, there are one million Iraqis who are in need of food aid. In 2010, the Program launched a two-year initiative to support the weak segments of the population and to build the government's capacity, at the local and institutional levels, to plan and implement active safety networks such as school meals, as well as mother and child health and nutrition.

[Editor's comment: It is ironic that a country as rich as Iraq with billions of dollars of oil revenues flowing into the Treasury every month would need outside support to feed its people. The problem is massive corruption at all levels of government. Transparency International has rated Iraq almost at the bottom in terms of corruption. The most recent outcry was the allocation of $2 million to the President of Iraq Jalal Talabani to attend the UN General Assembly in New York.]

Source: almowatennews.com , October 17, 2011

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